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  1. 12-16 Weeks Shipment
    Bespoke Dining room with one piece carved and inlaid table

    This dining room view comprehends all the furniture you need for furnishing in a refined and luxury way,
    your home and dining spaces. Each piece is carved following the Classic lines and enriched with silver leaf applications. The embroidery which covers the soft fabrics as well as the hardwood furniture is handmade in Italy. The one piece dining table is completely inlaid and carves.

  2. 12-16 Weeks Shipment
    Bespoke Interiors for furnishing hotels restaurants and villas dining room

    Luxury hardwood dining set. There are fixed tables and extendable tables with upholstered chairs.
    This set of furniture is perfect for furnishing hotels, restaurants or villas dining room. Each piece is handmade in Italy by skillful artisans.

2 Items results

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