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  1. 12-16 Weeks Shipment

    Clic is a new desk programme that can be used to organise individual work stations and group work stations, both in rows and face-to-face. The programme was designed so that the desks could incorporate basic cable management and personalisation elements, and be joined up with other desks, if required, thanks to their projecting metal components. The desk consists of a self-supporting metal frame that defines its personality with a laminated desk top.

  2. 12-16 Weeks Shipment

    The American architect Louis Kahn defines these bases as “inspired techniques” which allows them to be candidates for the transformation into classics. The sum of the quality of what is strictly necessary is path that leads to elegance.

  3. 12-16 Weeks Shipment

    We have conceived the Tec programme from this perspective, to provide a flexible system for the workplace that allows different configurations depending on the needs of each personal case, from individual workstations, doubles, quadruples or the assimilation of an open plan work space that adapts to the needs of the users at that moment in time and the peculiarities of the tasks they must accomplish, be it reflection, dialogue or meeting.

3 Items results

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